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About A. Pensa Modern Movers in Union City, New Jersey

An American Dream — Still on the Move

A. Pensa Modern Movers
, with executive offices and warehouses in Union City, New Jersey, and a sales office in Fort Lee, New Jersey, are proud to celebrate their 93rd anniversary in business. "The American dream can come true with hard work and persistence," state current owners Jack and Rena Pensa.
Founders — Corporate Moving Service in Union City, NJ

Pensa Family History

Jack Pensa's father, August Pensa, was born in Naples in 1901 and immigrated to the US in 1902 with his parents and family. Proud of his American status but too young to serve in World War I, August joined the National Guard in 1919 to serve his country. August stayed active with the Guard until 1945 and attained the rank of Master Sergeant.

The Company's Beginning

August married at the age of 18. He and his wife Julia had three children—Jack, Julie, and Barbara. He began his moving and rigging company in 1923 after purchasing a used truck. Times were hard for the family, so August had to hold down other jobs to make ends meet. During the Depression, he delivered for a furniture store, worked as a used car dealer, and repaired furniture, all while keeping his business alive.
A Family Effort

In order to keep the family afloat during the Depression, Julia took in piecework from an embroidery company while their son Jack, at age 12, worked after school and on Saturdays. He ... Read more
Taking Action

In the 1960's, Jack and a group of approximately 12 men from other moving companies in New Jersey, decided to organize and regulate movers and moving companies. They were successful in ... Read more
Living The Dream

A. Pensa Modern Movers are very well known for their hoisting and rigging business which uses cranes and sometimes, even helicopters to complete the job. They are an 93-year old ... Read more
Trusted Movers

Every employee at A. Pensa Modern Movers undergoes a thorough, complete background check and drug testing. When you hire us for a move, we understand that you are inviting us into your ... Read more
In Loving Memory of:

Jack & Rene Pensa, Uncle Herb Buechse, Uncle Bob Sansevere, Uncle Dutch Santomena and Miss Ruth Bertone
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